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  • Alison 21, is a Senior at BYU, She has finished her coursework and is teaching full time (4th grade in South Jordan ISD), learning the hard-way that work is much less fun than school.
  • Scott 19, is currently serving a mission in Tacoma, WA. Returns home August 2010. He is at BYU, currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and/or Physics.
  • Jeff, 16, is in 10th Grade, currently starring as "Lollipop Guild Man #1" in "The Wizard of Oz", earned Eagle Scout, getting a Driver's License...and is learning how to manage priorities and not get too distracted by the smell of perfume and gasoline, and still spends countless hours searching the web for "cheats" in an effort to perfect his video-game skillz, and has just be accepted into the KCBY (high shcool TV station) program.
  • Brad, 13, and in 8th grade. He loves friends, TV, Scout (Life), and hates cursive. He has developed a very quick wit and has more words in his head than can fit in his mouth.
  • Cynda is busy with working part-time as Office Manager at Insight with Alan, costuming for plays, mumbling about our new socialist government.
  • Alan sleeps, eats, works, watches TV, plays volleyball, homework taskmaster, reads, home repairs, Stake YM President, and gets gray, fat and old - not necessarily in that order.

Alan (3/5/09)

Current Projects
Ora Barlow Page Up
Reid S. Melville Page Up
- Working on Cynda's Line
- Preparing to share in 2009

- New Product Released
- Downsized & Life is better

- Jeff Earned Eagle
- Bradley Earned Life

- Alison...most listens these days, but is Ward Choir Director and learned to play the Ukulele
- Scott mostly just sings "Hits of the 70's" to himself while studying
- Jeff got a Bass for Christmas, promises to plug it in soon and take lessons in the summer
- Brad taking Piano lessons and is focusing on songs by Styx and plunking on the guitar

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Jeff Turns 16 (Mar 21)
Scott Turns 20 (Aug 9)
Brad Turns 14 (Aug 15)
Alison Turns 22 (Oct 25)
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